What will they find?

As he sits at the airport reflecting upon his experience, Brother Brian McLauchlin SVD wonders what’s to come. Here’s the final installment in his four-part series on his immigration immersion at the Mexican-U.S. border.

Wednesday, Sept. 16

As I sit in the airport, waiting to board the plane to return to Washington, D.C., I see it is raining steadily. On the one hand, this rain will bring new life to the desert and will provide green grass for the cattle that graze in the more mountainous regions of Arizona. On the other hand, this rain also will bring hazardous conditions to the fragile desert environment. Dry riverbeds will fill with water, gullies will gush with torrents of water, and low-lying regions will flood.

The vulnerable migrants trying to cross the desert to a new life could possibly lose their lives in the coming days, as the remnants of Hurricane Odile pour relentlessly over the desert floor. I am presently thinking about the Samaritans who provide aid to migrants. They will likely find the bodies of those who did not make it to safety during these torrential rainfalls.

To those reading this blog: please remember those trying to cross the border. They face so many hazardous conditions each day in the harsh environment of the desert. May they find a safe, welcoming home, where they are appreciated for the many gifts they bring to society.

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