A Holy Week meditation: Blessed Father Louis Mzyk SVD

By Father Stanley Plutz SVD

Blessed Father Louis Mzyk SVD’s story is the fourth in Father Plutz’s meditation series.

Blessed Father Louis Mzyk SVD
Novice Master

Father Mzyk served as a role model for the novices by the virtue he displayed and his prayerfulness. He was simple and humble. He radiated good cheer. He knew how to introduce the novices into the consecrated life, a life totally dedicated God. He instructed the young men and helped them learn the truths of our faith more deeply.

He organized the community prayer of the novices, but he also taught them mental prayer and helped them in their practice of it, for example, by giving them points to consider each day. He had them practice periods of silence and motivated them to practice the virtues of faith, hope, and charity as well as the cardinal moral virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance.

The novices respected him and liked him. The admonition of Jesus, “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect,” guided Father Mzyk in his duty to correct their faults. He did his best to form the young men, the novices, under his care into real gentlemen and saints, in other words, into persons like Jesus filled with missionary zeal for the salvation of all persons, especially those who never heard of Jesus.

Martyr Louis Mzyk SVD
Manner of death: Frequent brutal beatings. After the last bloody beating, Father Mzyk was shot twice in the back of his head.

Father Mzyk was beaten on the face and kicked without mercy. The last beating lasted more than 15 minutes, maybe even close to half an hour.

A fellow prisoner testified to this manner of his death, stating that one of the guards took a dislike to Father Mzyk and seemed to derive pleasure in persecuting him.

One day, the guard came to the barracks drunk. He singled out Father Mzyk and began shouting at him, beating and kicking him. He then threw him down a flight of stairs, dragged him to the gate, and shot him twice in the head.

The reader might ask:
Did Father Mzyk ever wonder why the Nazis continued to prevail while most of the rest of the world remained silent and passive at the plight of so many Jews, priests, and Polish nationals?

One thought on “A Holy Week meditation: Blessed Father Louis Mzyk SVD

  1. Hello,
    Would it be possible to order some brochures or holy cards concerning Blessed Louis Mzyk for my family members?
    I just recently read about Father Louis and his fellow priests.
    Could you also please send me information about ordering your Gregorian Masses?
    Thank you!


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