A Holy Week meditation: Blessed Father Stanislaus Kubista SVD

By Father Stanley Plutz SVD

The account of Blessed Father Stanislaus Kubista SVD’s experience marks the fifth and final installment of Father Plutz’s Holy Week meditation series.

Blessed Father Stanislaus Kubista SVD
Mission Animator and Communicator

Father Kubista received the appointment as rector of the seminary of some 300 persons and the treasurer of the Polish region. In fulfilling his office, he did his best as rector to care for each member and as treasurer to manage the finances honestly and wisely. Each person felt happy, and the finances stayed in good condition.

But he also took the initiative with the permission of his superiors to set up a printing press and to publish material making the Society of the Divine Word better known, especially in Poland.

He tried to involve the lay people in the mission work of the Society. As a means to do this, he published magazines, such as “Family Treasure,” “The St. Joseph Magazine,” and “The Little Missionary” for children.

He wrote a number of the articles for these magazines. Likewise, he put out a small calendar for children and a larger one for families. With his imagination and initiative, he wrote and staged a drama titled “The Cross and the Sun,” featuring the Incas of Peru.

He himself drew the scenes and had the costumes designed and sewn. Thus, he used all means to make the concerns of the missions known to the people. He also used these ways to ask people for financial help and to invite boys and young ladies to consider the missionary life.

Money had to be raised to purchase paper and ink for the printing. These business deals entailed time, planning, worries, and record keeping.

Martyr Stanislaus Kubista SVD
Manner of death: Stomped on the chest and throat, collar bones broken and throat bones crushed.

Father Kubista witnessed the dismantling of his printing press, and the confiscation of his supply of paper and other material for printing. His one consolation during days in a concentration camp was the secret celebration with confreres of Mass on Holy Thursday with the reception of Jesus in Holy Communion.

He could not eat the food in the camp, yet he was forced to work, shoveling snow and being exposed to the cold wind as were the others.

He suffered from the flu, which turned into pneumonia. Diarrhea further weakened him. He became so weak the foreman ordered that he be left in the toilets to die.

After three days, this cruel man went to Father Kubista and said, “Your have nothing to live for.”

He stomped on his chest with one foot and broke both collar bones while with the other foot, he crushed Father Kubista’s throat and broke the bones in it. A fellow prisoner later testified, “We heard the breaking of bones and the last choked rattling.”

The reader might ask:
Why did people find it so hard to believe that Hitler and his cronies could be so cruel and inhuman in torturing and killing millions of persons made in the image of God?

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