Missionary overcomes obstacles through ‘grace hidden in the midst of struggles’

By Truong T. Le SVD

“Two years of mission experience, and already I have so many stories to tell,” said Father Joseph Vinh Tran SVD at a farewell dinner with friends and confreres in Thailand before heading to Vietnam for home leave.

As a Divine Word priest, Father Vinh remembers many mission stories he heard from other Divine Word Missionaries during his formation years and how he was touched by them, shaping the way he viewed God’s mission and God’s vocation.

After two years of mission experience in Thailand, he now can tell his own stories, his witnessing of faith.

“I’d never imagined being on the path that I am on today,” Father Vinh said. “Although there were many difficulties on the way and nights of loneliness, yet somehow I know that God will provide. I often take that phrase for granted, but indeed in the end God is always there.”

To read Father Vinh’s story of faith, click here.

Our storyteller, Frater Truong Thong Le SVD, earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte before joining the Society of the Divine Word. In 2012, he professed religious vows and began studying at Catholic Theological Union (CTU) in Chicago. Currently, Truong is fulfilling his Cross-Cultural Training Program in Bangkok, Thailand, before returning to CTU to complete his studies.

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