Report on the 9th Assembly of the Catholic Biblical Federation

By Father Bernard Latus SVD, Chicago Province Bible Ministry Coordinator

The Catholic Biblical Federation (CBF) held its 9th General Assembly at the Ad Gentes Centre, the conference center operated by the Society of the Divine Word, in Nemi, Italy, from June 18-23. The CBF was founded after the Second Vatican Council to coordinate worldwide organizations and institutions engaged in biblical-pastoral ministry. Episcopal conferences around the world or their appointed institutions are full members of the CBF. I represented the Chicago Province, an associate member. Twenty Divine Word Missionaries and two Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters—involved in the biblical-pastoral ministry around the world—participated in the assembly. The Society of the Divine Word was the largest single religious group represented in the assembly.

During the assembly, delegates had the opportunity to meet Pope Francis at an audience at which he stressed the importance of homilies based on the Scriptures and the Gospel.

The assembly was organized by the Executive Committee and General Secretary Father Jan Stefanow SVD. During the assembly the new president of CBF, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, was installed. The new Constitution of CBF was approved and a plan of action was worked on for the next six years through various commissions: Family, Migrants, Youth, Inter-religious Dialogue, etc. For more information please click:

Shortly before the assembly, the North American Sub-region of CBF was revived. It is comprised of organizations doing biblical-pastoral ministry in the United States and Canada. The coordinator for the North-American Sub-region is Mary Elizabeth Sperry, associate director for utilization of the New American Bible for USCCB Publishing, United States Conference of Catholic Bishop. I will be updating you about the forthcoming National Bible Week in the United States, which will take place Nov. 15-21, 2015. The theme will be “The Bible: A Book for the Family.”

As the province’s Bible ministry coordinator, Father Latus leads the Chicago Province Bible Team. If you’re interested in Scripture, we invite you to check out their blog at:

Keep up with their activities at:

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