A letter to our dear Mother Mary


By Father Stanley Plutz SVD

“And a sword of sorrow shall pierce your soul that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.” (Lk 2: 34)

This picture of the Blessed Mother holds much meaning for me. A friend of my mother gave her several pictures with wooden frames and glass to protect the pictures. Mother, in turn, gave it to me, Stanley Plutz. I kept it in the bedroom my brother Gerald and I shared when we were boys. I took it along to the seminary, the Philippines, the Southern United States and back to Techny. It is slightly discolored from getting wet during Hurricane Katrina, but it is, I think, still beautiful.

People respond to Mary by having a loving devotion to her, their mother and queen. St. Arnold prayed several times a day:

My Queen, my Mother, remember I am your very own.
Defend and protect me as your personal possession.

Editor’s note: Father Plutz used this image to pen a prayerful reflection, a conversation of sorts with our Blessed Mother. If you’re interested in using his four-part prayer as a meditation, you’ll find “Dear Mother Mary” on our website.

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