Hope and misery in Muisne, Part 3

Frater Benjamin Le SVD returns home this week after two years in Ecuador, satisfying the Cross-Cultural Training Program (CTP) portion of his formation. A photographer by profession, Ben captured the life of the people. Today, we present the final of his latest three-part series.

By Ben Le SVD

Ecuador_June 2016_19

It is lunch time, and this little girl is getting her donated food. Like her family, she is homeless and lives in a tent close to our SVD chapel.

Ecuador_June 2016_20

The plastic sheets over the tents are used for protection from rain, which can sometimes be relentless.

Ecuador_June 2016_21

Volunteers cooked for the people.

Ecuador_June 2016_22

The most affected people are the children, but thanks be to God, nothing dampens their spirits, not even an earthquake; they play, sing, run, and sometimes they cry.

Ecuador_June 2016_24

People are starting to rebuild.

Ecuador_June 2016_25

There once were houses on this pier.

Ecuador_June 2016_26

The people make due with what they have.

Ecuador_June 2016_27

These children are deaf.  They make motions at the windows to see if we would give them cookies.  Unfortunately, I did not have any.

Ecuador_June 2016_28

These sisters coordinate relief effort for the camp around the SVD chapel. During their free time, they make rosaries to give away. Here, they are teaching a visiting priest how to make one.

Ecuador_June 2016_29

A water truck came, and everyone is happy. The water is donated by the town of Guayaquil.

Ecuador_June 2016_30

Messages of hope for the people in the camp.

Ecuador_June 2016_31

Life continues.

Ecuador_June 2016_34

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